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Here are some tips for ensuring your poster files conform to print and display standards.

Color modeCMYK 
Minimum resolution300DPI
Respect fordimensionsand jigs
Compulsory mention of
RCSof your company

Forrmatsof filesto provide us with scale according to the constraints of the displays.

5 mm bleed all around your image (with crop marks).


15 mm safety marginnot containing any important elements.

Make sure to respect the constraints ofvisible formats (outside this area, the image will be covered by the poster board frame).



Files must be sent in the formatHigh definition PDF(preferably PDF-X 1a:2001 or PDF-X 1a:2003 files).


Other formats accepted :

TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) > Flattening layers

PSD (Photoshop) > Flatten Layers

EPS (EncapsulatedPostScript) > If you use Illustrator: vectorized fonts and embedded images

AI (Illustrator) > vectorized fonts and embedded images

IND (InDesign) > collected and complete folder containing: the source file, a folder containing the images, a folder containing the fonts.


Please give a clear name to your files and do not use special characters, accents or spaces.


Your visuals must have a resolution of300dpi(pixels/inch), (750 dpi for 1/10th files).


Please send us files inCMYK mode(Cyan - Magenta - Yellow - Black). Mode RGB color is dedicated to screen display and not to printing.

If using Pantone colors, please indicate thePantone codeused.


In order to guarantee an optimal result of your colors in machine output, choose in your advanced parameters thecolor profile Coated Fogra 39.


The files to be provided to us are not to real scale.

To know the format of the file to be provided to us, please refer to thetable of standard poster sizes.


Provide5 mm bleedon your document (to be included in the file). Your file must have crop marks.

Leave a minimum of15 mm technical margin(safety margin in case of cutting shift inside the finished format). No text or logo should appear in this area.


In the case of a printing comprising several versions (eg: health notices), be sure to deliver a complete file for each version.

In the case of transplants, communicate the different files in the same format as the basic poster and already placed.


All visuals intended for network display must include the company's RCS(advertiser or agency).

Article R123-237 of the Commercial Code

Attention, the integration of your mandatory mentions in your creation is your responsibility, they will not be added by us.

However, if your RCS is missing, KVC PRINT will add its own RCS as a vertical signature at the bottom left of your poster.


Minimum size of the RCS mention on your file:

→ body 5 for a file at 1/5th scale or less,

→ body 2 for a 1/10th or larger scale file.

Absolutely avoid superimposed whites.
For color overprints, be sure to check your application settings.

Without overprinting: each color is printed live with a reserve of white below to guarantee the color.

With overprint: the colors are printed on top of each other, which can create errors!

See the ADOBE User's Guide for more information on overprinting and how to set it up

If your document contains gray or black texts, we invite you to use a color composed only of100% black or black down(for grays). Thin lines and fonts will look sharper.



For your flat areas of black, we advise you to create a specific color made up of100% black, 40 % cyan, 28% magenta and 30% yellow. This support will make your solid blacks denser and deeper without overinking.



In order to avoid printing problems due to ink overload, it is recommended not to exceed an ink load of 300%.

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