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For KVC PRINT, social and environmental responsibility is not an empty word but atrue state of mind with an organization largely rooted in development, environmental respect and continuous improvement for respect your own commitments !

Our priorities

→ Act for the environment

→ Strengthen human capital and social ties
→ Get involved with local actors

→ Ensuring the safety of our employees andpartners

An organization focused on quality, safety and the environment.


For several years, we have become aware of the impact that our activity could have on the environment. This is why we have committed ourselves over the years to various approaches to minimize it.

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En cours de démarche...

Innovation at the heart of the approach

The KVC PRINT teams are part of a continuous improvement approach at all stages of the manufacturing process.


The first printer on 100% recycled paper "made in France" since 2021.

The benefits for the environment? Pressure on natural resources and a reduced carbon footprint.



of yourstarps


We can recycle all the tarpaulins we have produced for you:

- the eyelets will be grouped together to be recycled with our metal waste,

- the tarpaulins will be compacted to be recovered with one of our partners.


We are constantly on the lookout for any new recycling or reuse solution, which will enable us to develop new solutions in the near future: why not transform your tarpaulins into flip-flop soles?



Production As A Service

In the straight line of being part of a development logic oriented towards Customer Service, a real Production As A Service (PaaS) approach is deployed and used as a real guideline for the changes implemented.

We are on permanent active watch on:

→ the most suitable way to integrate the Internet component into the optimization of flows;

→ evaluation of new printable media recyclable/recycled;

→ the search for waste treatment solutions,  new ideas to reduce our consumption;

→ etc

100% Green

We regularly conduct tests with paper or ink manufacturers in order to use increasingly eco-friendly products in order to be able to offer you specific 100% "green" offers, without this being detrimental to the quality of our products. productions.

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