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KVC PRINT is the ONLY large format printer on 100% RECYCLED paper


A great innovation comes from the cross-partnership between KVC PRINT and the main outdoor advertising companies of the market: the first large format posters printed on100% recycled paper. The same rendering, the same print quality for largely measurable benefits for the environment. We are responding to strong market demand in terms of ecology and corporate social and environmental responsibility.KVC PRINT is the only large format printer in France to have a 100% recycled offer.

KVC PRINT, historical player in poster production


An organization focused on quality, safety and the environment

At IOC PRINT, social and environmental responsibility is not an empty word but a true state of mind with an organization largely rooted in development, environmental respect and continuous improvement. That's why our company is committed, and invests in this framework, in an environmental approach to ensure the implementation and respect of environmentally friendly working methods, throughout our production process.


IOC PRINT and innovation

The teams at IOC PRINT are part of a continuous improvement process for all stages of the manufacturing process. We are constantly on active standby about the evaluation of new printable media and the use of more and more eco-friendly products in order to be able to offer our customers specific offers 100% "green", without being to the detriment of the quality of our productions.


100% recycled paper posters

Since 2014, a real initiative, in a LAB / Innovation style, has been deployed within the production units to test possible changes in the production process, particularly by promotingthe most "green" materials and media possible.


To this end, with the manufacturers of paper, tarpaulins and also inks, recurring tests are carried out to evaluate the extent to which 100% recycled materials can be offered to market players while guaranteeing quality and reliability of the rendering.


KVC PRINT is now able to offer the production of poster campaigns on 100% recycled paper for the formats bus shelter (118.5 x 175 cm) and 8m² drop-down (320 x 240 cm). Thanks to the upstream work carried out to adapt the print parameters as well as real-life tests carried out in partnership with the mainthe main outdoor advertising companies,we are able to guarantee a quality rendering identical to that on "classic" papers.

At KVC PRINT, we are all engaged and we communicate regularly on our environmental strategy, both internally, with our employees, and externally, with our customers and suppliers, to involve and sensitize all stakeholders.

This offer on 100% recycled paper fits naturally into this dynamic and we hope to see it develop in the world of large format communication.


Using recycled paper offers the following benefits:


- reducing pressure on forests,


- up to 2.5 times less water used compared to virgin paper,


- up to 2.5 times less energy used compared to virgin paper,


- up to 38% less CO2 emissions compared to virgin paper,


- Favoring the circular economy: 23,000 jobs linked to collection and recycling in France (source: Federec).

In comparison to non-recycled paper,

1 ton of 100% recycled Cocoon Silk paper used for our poster offer:


= 124 kg less CO2, a round trip Paris-Stuttgart in European average car.


= 34,900 liters less water or 582 showers.

Large format posters are part of the scope of theeco-contribution on paper. It relates to the tonnage of papers.


If you opt for recycled paper, you will get

-10% bonus!


All companies that issue more than 5 tonnes of paper each year on the market are required to be listed by Citeo, to file a marketing declaration and are subject to an eco-contribution. The basic amount of this eco-contribution is 67 euros per tonne, variable according to a bonus / penalty scheme.

Our environmental impact reductionin 2017

In 2017, we printed 70,500 posterson 100% recycled Cocoon Silk paper,
which represents 
more than 20 tons of paper.



liters of water

90 168

kg of wood


kWh of energy


kg of waste


km by car


kg of CO2

Our environmental impact reductionin 2018

In 2018, we printed 384,461 wall arton 100% recycled Cocoon Silk paper,
which represents 
more than 108 tons of paper.


Using this paper VS a traditional paper allowed us to reduce our pressure on natural resources and our carbon footprint (a production multiplied by 5 compared to 2017). The figures below concretize the reduction of our ecological and carbon footprint having opted for 100% recycled Cocoon Silk VS paper from conventional paper:



liters of water



kg of wood



kWh of energy



kg of waste


134 114

km by car



kg of CO2

The equivalent of 48,000 showers (80 liters).

This makes it possible to watch TV for 73 years (1kWh = 3 to 5h).

The production of 282 people waste (354 kg per resident in France).

47 trips between Paris and Moscow (2,835 km).


compared to



Our "100% green" offer interests you? You want to make the choice of a communication 100% "eco-friendly" and without constraints?Contact us for your next large poster campaign:

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